Music Portland Census

Time to stand up and be counted.  

Here's Why

Music is a huge part of what makes Portland great and a big part of why it is booming right now. But without support, the community is at risk. Other creative industries like film, whose impact is easier to quantify, have earned city and state support.

In order to meet our challenges and to garner any collective benefits the Portland music community’s needs must be known and our numbers counted. We want to ask you a few very useful questions. With your answers, we can represent ourselves collectively, identify the gaps and work together towards creative solutions to make the Portland music industry sustainable and successful.

This information will not be sold or shared with other parties for the purposes of marketing. You can opt out of receiving updates about this initiative at any time. If you have any questions, please contact

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The primary music-related business or organization you are involved with (might just be you or your band)
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Check off ALL the areas where you participate in the music business in Portland (including but not limited to the business you listed above).
If the mayoral candidates were to come to speak directly to the music industry, would you attend?
I love this initiative and would like to participate with the efforts to create a more cohesive and successful Portland music infrastructure...
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