Special Member Benefits

While the biggest benefit of MusicPortland membership is the connections, events, advocacy and building the music reality that Portland deserves, it is nice to get some other perks and more and more businesses and organizations are reaching out to offer benefits that you can leverage, should you choose.

MusicPortland Members get a full year subscription to Sound Credit.  Appropriate for  engineers, producers, labels, and managers, this is the fastest and easiest way to confirm that everyone gets credit for for what they create/contribute.

You don't have to wait for your credits to appear online anymore. Instantly publish credits and album art to the web with the Sound Credit Publisher. It's simple to review, add, and edit song credits.  If you are an Artist or paid Business Member, you can pick up your discount code here.


MusicPortland is now a partner with Corepower Yoga - any MusicPortland member gets 20% off 10 packs and monthly membership packs. Great for touring musicians because there’s over 200 studios across the country. In the words of Lewi Longmire, "Self care is radical action in this day and age."  But we’re making it easier

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