What is MusicPortland and why is it good for an Instrument or Gear Maker?

Portland is a hotbed of innovative instrument and gear manufacturers, from modular synths, to pedals and effects, amps and studio gear. Portland music manufacturers have each, individually (and with no outside support), created brands and a manufacturing culture that is authentic, hand-built and highly respected.

But, these innovators in our industry are under enormous pressure from this growing city, it’s harder to find spaces that are secure and affordable. Staff is increasingly hard to find and keep as they themselves struggle to afford the city. Local venues are forced to close. Musicians move away. Local customers contract.

The problem has been that while the city and its corporate population have enjoyed considerable and measurable benefits from Portland’s reputation as a music and maker ecology they have never done anything to support it.

MusicPortland is changing that. We now have a receptive city and state leadership and with solidarity and strategy from the industry that can provide quantifiable data that they can use to position benefits for the music industry commensurate with the value it provides to the city (music tourism, jobs, cultural vibrancy, revenues, and city brand).

Data is the key to gaining the equal footing with other industries. We need every music manufacturer in the Portland metro area to complete a MusicPortland Profile and Economic Impact Study. Participating in these surveys is the only way to collect quantifiable aggregate data to share in the programs and prosperity afforded other industries in the city.

  • The MusicPortland Profile is basic data that will be kept confidential, never shared, and used only by MusicPortland to report the collected totals of all respondents. Completing the (less than two minute) profile (including your name and email address) makes you a MusicPortland Community Member and delivers benefits and information.
  • The Economic Impact Study (a five-minute process) is entirely anonymous and never associated with your name or your business, merely numbers that get combined with everyone else for an industry total. Only those who confirm they are owners or decision-makers in the Profile are sent the eco study.

MusicPortland is the only nonprofit, music trade association (created by local music professionals and for music professionals) with the mission to “unite, defend and amplify” all parts of the Portland area music ecosystem and to make it more sustainable and successful. While Portland manufacturers sell their products online and through distributors all over the world, being a Portland-based company means something.  MusicPortland is working to amplify the value of that brand to your business through all of our efforts including…

Our first annual, Gear Fest will feature two dozen select instrument and gear manufacturers, to demo and sell their kit.  Find out more


What else is MusicPortland doing to support manufacturers?

  • Fighting for equivalent advantage for music companies that other industries already enjoy: tax incentives and special deals because they are recognized industry sectors 
  • Urging every manufacturer in the city contributing to the Profile and Eco study, we can position our industry appropriately to share in the prosperity (complete your profile now!)
  • In September 2019, MusicPortland established the first Music Policy Council (with support from Commissioners Fish, Eudaly and Hardesty) to review and improve every policy and regulation that impacts music to truly make this a Music City that supports music.
  • Promoting a “Portland Backline” as a coveted offering to outfit any new venue or performance space (let us know if you are interested, we have the first buyer eager to discuss it)
  • Working with Prosper Portland to schedule a trade mission of PDX manufacturers to Japan in 2020 to build new distribution relationships with a market that is keen for Portland products and Portland music.
  • Working with a private funding partner to create a 22,000 s.f. MusicPortland Community Music hub to support rehearsal and production spaces as well as space for music companies for  a fraction of market rates and long term lease protection
  • Grow Gear Fest year-over-year
  • Engage Sonic Arts programs at local universities, and the "Portland Means Progress" for funded intern programs
  • Community building with local music professionals and evangelists

Music in Portland is worth fighting for. As a trade organization, we rely on the support of those that we represent. Our staff is entirely volunteer but without industry support for our efforts, we will not be able to continue our defense and growth of you, your company and your community. Contributing Membership is on a sliding scale so please support us at whatever level you can.

Become a Contributing Member of MusicPortland.


We are not alone, if we stand...Independent together.