Here are a few great examples from people who are mobilized

Dear (fill in the blank) ,

The purpose of this letter is to demand the repeal of the Placarding Law, aka Placarding Ordinance.

As native Portlanders, we have been lifetime supporters of local music venues, small independent businesses and non-profits. These hardworking ventures, backed by hardworking people, are what makes Portland Portland.

The ordinance to placard URM buildings (un-reinforced masonry buildings) deeply impacts churches, music venues, low-income housing, and untold small businesses and non-profits.

The Placard Law is unfair, incomplete and not about public safety. In addition, the stigma of the forced agreement (forcing owners to agree by 3/1/2019) is based on a suspicious and flawed process. It makes it harder, if not impossible, for tenant businesses and property owners to sustain or improve “distressed properties”. Negative placarding impedes the financing and work needed to complete for safety (see SF and Seattle.)

As concerned citizens and lovers of our city...
We are demanding suspension and reassessment of the Placarding Law to allow for credible, well-considered and realistic solutions.
We all want a safe and vibrant Portland.

Patty McNally
Kathleen McNally