Who We Are

Simply put, MusicPortland is YOU (if you are a artist, musician or performer, a music industry professional, or a music venue). Member voices directly influence our efforts and members will benefit directly from the work we do.


In 2016, a group of local music community members started a conversation. Our growing city was making it harder and harder to make music, play music, produce music, and create the stuff of music. These conversations continued with multiple roundtables including nearly 50 folks from every part of the local music ecology (musicians, labels, producers, venues, etc.). Through research into the successes (or failures) of other cities, and recognizing our own unique culture, a vision for MusicPortland emerged. Everyone was committed to a simple idea: Make Portland a better place to make or support the making of music.

Unlike some cities, Portland is not a monolithic, genre-defined music culture. With our breadth and cross-genre creativity, our independent spirit is what defines us. MusicPortland seeks to support and grow our uniquely diverse and independent scene by bringing us together to collectively sustain our local treasure. We will all rise (or fall) together.

The conversation and vision for MusicPortland is still developing and needs your voice as a music community member. Through gatherings and online input, we want to hear from all business sectors, musical genres and stakeholders to inform how this representative organization evolves.

The MusicPortland Board

  • Portia Sabin, Kill Rock Stars and The Future of What (Record Label and Music Industry Podcast)
  • Chris Young, Vortex Music Magazine (Editor-In-Chief)
  • Meara McLaughlin, MusicPortland (Executive Director)
  • Lori Hughes, McMenamins (Talent Buyer)
  • David Jackson, DJ O.G. One (Performer and Community Organizer)
  • Tyler Stone, Sutro (Electronic Artist)
  • Bim Ditson, And And And (Musician and Activist) 
  • Jason Fellman, J-Fell Presents (Musician and Promoter)
  • Philip Graham, Ear Trumpet Labs (Microphone Manufacturer)
  • Anthony McNamer, Portland Cement Studios (Rehearsal Spaces and Music Law)

Advisory Circle

  • Dominik Schmidt, ROLA Music
  • Larry Crane, Jackpot! Recording Studios 
  • Terry Currier, Music Millennium 
  • Lewi Longmire, LaurelThirst Public House and too many bands to name  
  • John Shepski, Fluff & Gravy Records 
  • Cliff Stanford, DJ Klyph (Producer and Activist) 
  • Bruce Fife, Musicians Union, Local 99
  • Chris Benson, Benson Amps
  • Kate O'Brien - Understory Creative
  • Ryan Meagher, Jazz musician and Label
  • Eric Nordby - Music licensing at Marmoset

Please let us know if you would like to join the Advisory Circle or get involved in particular areas of our efforts. We need everyone's help to make this a success.